What time does the cinema open?

We always open 30 minutes before the first film of the day.

Does The Majestic do allocated seating?

It is allocated seating at The Majestic, your ticket or confirmation email will have your seat number on it. We advise everyone coming to arrive in good time for the film (20 minutes before). If it is the opening weekend or if the film is proving to be popular then please allow 30 minutes if possible.

When is the website updated for the next weeks film times?

The website is updated on Monday afternoons ready for all the films starting on the Friday. For big releases we do try and put the times up as soon as we can to allow plenty of time for booking.

How much time do the adverts and trailers take up?

Normally adverts and exciting new trailers last for approximately 15-20 minutes. This is in addition to the total running time of the film.

We do advise getting here for at least the start time of the film though as we do sell out of films regularly!

What does the 12A certificate mean?

A 12A certificate means that some parts of a film may generally not be suitable for under-12s. However, we’ll still welcome younger guests if they come to a 12A film with a grown-up, and we’ll give you all the details you need to decide if the film’s appropriate.

Being Respectful

Here at The Majestic, we aim to offer a pleasant, peaceful and overall positive experience to our customers. We encourage anyone who feels their film is being spoiled, to come out and let us know. When we are informed of disruptions of any sort, we try our best to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the beginning of every screening, there is a message we show to ensure everyone follows the rules.

If you are asked to leave by a member of staff, after being warned about cinema etiquette, we ask that you respect our decision and leave without further distraction. Otherwise reacting with an outburst is exceptionally unfair on the remaining audience and will not get you the outcome you desire.

Our company policy states that if you have been disrespectful during a film, you will be asked to leave without a refund being issued to you. The reasoning can include shouting, talking loudly through the film, using your mobile phone, taking pictures/videos, vaping, using foul language, distasteful gestures, abusing the staff and/or other customers, and everything in between. This is the case in any other entertainment venue, so should not be a shock.

We have ZERO tolerance towards verbal or physical abuse towards our staff, who are simply doing their jobs. Any form of this behaviour will get you banned, and we may decide to take further action if staff feel unsafe.

Remember, ruining it for everyone else will only ruin it for yourselves. Be respectful.

How Do I Refund My Purchase?

We are more than happy to refund your tickets if for some reason you are unable to attend the performance. Please note, that we will allocate refunds up to two hours prior to the feature start time. If under two hours, we can only amend your booking to another time or date, and cannot guarantee a refund.

When requiring a refund, feel free to pop in and speak to us during our operating hours. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we can amend/refund the transaction for you. All we need from you is your booking reference number, your confirmation email address, and the seat numbers you've booked.

If you have knowingly booked for a higher age-rated film and you are underage, or if you cannot prove your age to our team, then a refund will not be warranted.

If you have mistakenly booked for the wrong day, don't worry as it happens more often than you think! We can amend your tickets for you so you can still watch your film at that time, providing it is showing.


Does The Majestic participate in Meerkat Movies?

We’re proud to take part in MEERKAT MOVIES and bring even more pocket-friendly offers to our guests.

his is a new, too-good-to-be-missed reward for customers. Fronted by small-screen star Sergei the meerkat, it gives you two-for-one cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday for a whole year when you buy certain products from*

*Comparethemarket terms and conditions

Is it really £5 a ticket for everyone at any time?

Yep it's £5 for anyone during the day,  for any film before 6pm! After this time ticket prices will be £6.

 For any live content like the ballets and operas streamed live the prices of tickets will be more so please check before booking.

We aso offer a fantastic deal we like to call Bargain Mondays, meaning all tickets all day are only £4.00!

*60p booking charge applies when booking online or over the phone.

Can I take a baby into the screen? Do I have to pay for them?

You’re never too young for the magic of film and most of our cinemas welcome babies for titles rated U, PG and 12A. Please spare a thought for our other guests – if your baby grows unsettled, step outside for a moment until they’ve calmed down.

Are 'Special Previews' the full film?

Yes of course! A special preview is simply a unique opportunity to see the film before anyone else!


Is The Majestic wheelchair accessible?

Being a Grade II listed building The Majestic is hindered by what it can offer with regards to accessibility. There is wheelchair access into screen 2 and screen 4 which then grants you access to the kiosk in the foyer. Any films in screen 1 & 3 are not wheelchair accessible.

Do I get in for free if I'm a carer?

We will only issue free tickets if we see a valid CEA card.

For more information on CEA cards please visit their website.

What are Autism-Friendly Screenings?

Our autism-friendly screenings are special showings that have been subtly adapted to give autistic guests a more inspiring cinema experience. Brighter lighting. Lower volume. These changes combine to make the cinema a more inviting setting for our autistic guests.

Can I bring my guide dog or hearing dog?

Of course, guide dogs and hearing dogs are more than welcome at The Majestic!