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Ever wanted an auditorium all to yourself to watch your favourite film?

Look no further, our Screen 4 is available to hire now! Elevate your movie night with comfy seating, an excellent sound system, and of course, one of your favourites on the big screen.

This screen has a capacity of 44 plus two wheelchair spaces, with 2.5 hours of usage per hire!

You can choose a film from our library of current films being shown, or if you have something different in mind - you can bring in any DVD or Blu-Ray and watch it on the big screen!
If it's one from our library, please allow one week after the film's release before we can screen it privately.

We do strongly recommend using a Blu-Ray to achieve the best quality for your hire.

Costs would vary depending on when you would like to hire the screen, these are:

Monday to Thursday - £170
Friday late morning/afternoon - £170
Friday evening to Sunday - £220
School Holidays - £220

There will be a 50% deposit fee to secure your slot.

We require 2 or more weeks notice in advance.
During the opening weeks of big films no screen hires will take place as the new releases are a priority for us.

For more information and to make a booking please call 01553 771918 and ask to speak to a manager.
Thank you!